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online stores

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Engage Customers
in Their Environment

An online store gives you a simple engagement platform with customers. With the ability to Integrate with social media you can let people shop from their feed and help customers find you in web based searches to make purchases. You also have the ability to send communications to customers with products that they need based on their purchasing history.

Benefits of an eStore.

An important benefit of using an eStore for your branded merchandise requirements and spend is that you will have the opportunity to control and manage brand integrity. You will have the ability to apply logos, brand colors, and any other graphics following your brand standards in order to create a memorable experience for your clients.

When you use an eStore portal for your brand, you’ll be able to get all of your designs, ideation, and product specifications created in one platform. You can make sure that your corporate graphic standards remain consistent in your branded merchandise and corporate apparel branding efforts.

Become more efficient with an eStore.

When you use an online company portal for your promotional products, you’ll no longer need to store physical inventory for your products. Not only will that save you time from tracking, managing, and distributing inventory, but it will also save you tons of money, and even boost productivity in your workplace. For starters, you won’t need to hire employees specifically to ship and distribute products — and you won’t need to make your core employees handle that either. You also won’t need to pay money to buy or rent out large spaces in multiple locations to hold your inventory, as you’ll have a single centralized distribution system to move your promotional products through.

When you use an online company store for your Branded Merchandise, you’ll have all of your items tracked and distributed through one large system. Everything will be more organized and it will be so much easier to keep track of orders and inventory — especially when you’re used to tracking items and orders among various locations.

Benefits of a Centralized
Distribution System.

It will be much easier to track inventory and stay on top of purchases when you’re selling and distributing your products from a single location. All of your products will be standardized and consistent with each other, producing fewer variations when it comes to quality and specific requirements. You’ll need fewer employees to import, manage, and distribute inventory through several locations, which will significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency and organization.

E-Stores key benefits.

With CMS e-stores you get direct, personalized communication with your customers resulting in improved customer loyalty and retention. You will have access to detailed customer information like email, browsing and purchase history allowing you to optimize your business decisions, operations and services.

• Full access to customer information

• Better control of your brand

• Guidelines and consistency across multiple print platforms.

• Complete business autonomy (you set the rules)

• Flexibility for customers.

Benefits and Features
E-commerce provides convenience to buy goods or services without causing any physical constraints to your clients – anytime day or night, from anywhere. It allows customers to shop a greater selection and to search all products offered, from multiple manufacturers and compare prices, sizes, colors, and benefits before committing to purchases.
Mobile Ready and User Friendly
Rapidly develop and deploy applications that are optimized for any device. Responsive design allows content to be easily viewed and provides a rewarding user experience. Customers can shop, order, pay, and have their purchases shipped directly to their door quickly and easily.
Reduced Costs, Lower Prices
Inefficient, manual order processing costs rob your business of profit and frustrate users. With OrderCloud, you can automate your workflows with intuitive user interfaces driving cost out of your business and increasing user adoption.
Increased Efficiencies
Business process owners, front-end designers, and application developers can focus on the user experience instead of worrying about expensive customizations and cumbersome upgrade processes. Build, customize and deploy workflow and custom logic to differentiate the user experience and integrate to back-end systems that meet requirements and increase efficiency.
Order Aggregation & Routing
Use the OrderCloud management interface to self-source, aggregate, or auto-forward orders across multiple channels. Visibility into shipments, order tracking and cost schedules puts data at your fingertips and with everything tracked and distributed through one large system, everything will be more organized and easier to track.
Visibility & Control
Provide your business buyers with visibility into product inventory including the opportunity to sub-categorize inventory for product properties like size, color, weight etc. Create rules which notify users when stock drops below a certain user defined threshold and allow specific designated users to place replenishment orders. Use XML web services to connect back-office inventory levels to user applications.