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We build flexible healthcare solutions that achieve your goals.

Business Solutions
for Healthcare Providers

Enhanced efficiency with integrated billing, financial and administrative operations for providers of all sizes.

Proven Healthcare Excellence.

CMS has a rich history of serving the healthcare industry, specializing in providing world-class software and technology solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. We presently service over 30,000 healthcare professionals nationwide through 2,500 software installations.

Over the years, we have been recognized as a top Value-Added Reseller of NextGen® EHR and other key healthcare software, and we remain focused on providing innovative solutions for maximum practice efficiency, productivity and better patient care.

Healthcare IT infrastructure.

We have demonstrated proven project management and implementation strategies that have considerably enhanced client satisfaction. We have bolstered all of our products and services with years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Identification, Hosting and IT Managed Services.

Most importantly, we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist clients with the selection and implementation of solutions (Healthcare/IT) to meet their precise needs.

Our Healthcare Solutions
Consulting Services
CMS provides a comprehensive breadth of services covering all aspects of managing a successful healthcare organization. Our extensive healthcare background combined with in-house consulting expertise enables us to employ strategies to help your organization run more efficiently, effectively and profitably.
Electronic Health Records
CMS offers a comprehensive EHR solution with a rich group of features and functionality to help you run more efficiently and effectively. More importantly, we work closely with you to customize your EHR solution to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. The implementation of our EHR has helped organizations with enhancing patient care, improving patient satisfaction and ultimately allowing them to better manage their patient records.
Patient Engagement
CMS offers a patient experience and clinical outcomes platform that allows organizations to collect, interpret and act on critical patient feedback in real-time. The platform provides service-related and condition-related questions to patients immediately following their visit – allowing for quick service recovery if needed.
Patient Identification
CMS gives you the ability to speed the registration process and increase patient safety with our quick, easy and accurate way to identify and track patients, as well as create, update and manage their records. Additionally, we offer a simplified approach to collecting patient signatures, photos and scanned ID cards at the registration center, bedside or anywhere from a mobile device.
Patient Portal
CMS’ Patient Portal provides enhanced electronic communication and clinical data exchange between patients and their physicians. The online portal allows patients to schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, send and receive important medical documents and reports and manage account balances and payments. Above all, the portal can seamlessly integrate with your EHR and Practice Management solutions.
Practice Management
CMS delivers a Practice Management system that boasts reliable and actionable metrics. The system’s key functionality enables you to assess your AR, manage month-end closing, analyze payer mix and ensure a healthy cash flow for your organization.
Remote Patient Monitoring
CMS offers an innovative Remote Patient Monitoring Solution for caregivers. With our Continuous Care Platform, providers are able to deliver premier healthcare to patients remotely, opening the door to an innovative method to monitor quality care and enhance outcomes.
Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCMS)
CMS applies a thorough approach to your medical billing, ensuring the health of your revenue cycle and resulting in maximum practice revenue, accelerated cash flow from both payer and patient and optimal efficiency and productivity improvements.