Payment Processing

We build flexible payment solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Revolutionize the Way
You Accept Payments

We aim to save you the headache by replacing piecemeal systems with all-in-one technology. With out-of-the-box functionality, access to round-the-clock customer support, trustworthy security and technology updates, we’re bringing online payment processing into the 21st Century.

We’re problem solvers.

Swiping a card or entering payment details online is easy — and the background work to accept those payments should be too. We believe that online credit card payment processing should be simple, consistent, and dependable, unlike traditional payment processing structures.

Multiple non-native integrations, inconsistent security updates, and limited reporting capabilities are the industry standard. We’re challenging the status quo by offering a robust, all-in-one processing solution that combines hundreds of native features with bullet-proof fraud protection, real-time reporting functionality, and superior customer service.

Easy. Consistent. Dependable.

Say goodbye to outdated payment infrastructure and hello to streamlined payment processing!

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your payments, it’s time to consider a better solution:
• Clunky integration of multiple technologies
• Lacking or non-existing fraud and security features
• Limited reporting features
• Pricey upkeep or hidden costs

Want to discover what CMS’ Online Payment Processing Solution could mean for you? Getting a quote is simple — just tell us your current rate, transaction fees, and period billings.

Payment Processing
Checkout Process
Start accepting credit cards on your website in less than 60 seconds with our robust and secure checkout process.
White-Glove Support
Get your questions answered quickly by a real person, backed by the SLA we offer our merchants.
Unrivaled Reporting
Our reporting system will give you all the details you need to help you manage and grow your business.
Advanced fraud protection
Our sophisticated fraud tools can help you manage risk and fight current and next-gen fraudsters.
Easy Setup
No programming required to start processing credit cards on your website today!
Advanced Security
Our sophisticated security and fraud systems will help you minimize risk and fraud.
All-In-One Solution
We offer an end-to-end solution for your eCommerce needs.
24×7 Support
Our customer service is always available to help you and your customers.