Managed Technology

We build flexible solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Focus on Your Business

Your information technology should drive business solutions, not as a cost center, but as an integral part of your operations. Managed Technology solutions keep your business running so you can focus on the bottom line.

Protect your vital IT assets.

By partnering with CMS for your business technology needs, you are working with proven IT and networking professionals who specialize in ensuring the efficiency, safety and accessibility of your computer systems. Our wide range of products and services can help you build a solid and secure foundation to safeguard your vital IT assets.

An enterprise-class IT infrastructure.

With superior technical knowledge and reliable customer service, the experts at CMS can customize a set of managed IT and networking solutions specific to your company’s objectives. From hardware to basic business application software — such as business collaboration, server applications, backup and security solutions—our products and services are designed to help you maintain an enterprise-class IT infrastructure.

Managed Technology Solutions
ProActive IT
CMS’s ProActive IT prevents network failures before they happen, while comprehensive maintenance and real-time monitoring ensure the reliability of your assets.
Hosting and Colocation
Avoid unneeded capital and administrative expenses with our Hosting and Colocation services that house your servers at secure off-prem sites.
Security Awareness & Phishing Education
Get Security Awareness training, phishing tests, and actionable reporting to change workforce behavior and minimize risk.
Disaster Recovery
A comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan ensures your data can be accessed quickly with minimal downtime.
Managed Backup
Export files automatically with our Managed Backup services, keeping all files secure and protected by experts.
Security Risk Analysis
Keep data safe from fraud, theft and misuse with our Security Risk Analysis and audit compliance services.
It’s not enough to manage your IT infrastructure if you’re using the wrong Hardware. Ensure your desktops, tablets, monitors, printers, and servers, are secure and updated throughout their service lifecycle.
Peace of mind
CMS offers an array of best-in-class Managed Technology Solutions to help your company enjoy peace of mind.